COMPARITY | For Mortgage Lenders

Streamline hazard insurance into every closing.

COMPARITY lets you work with your existing insurance partners.

  1. Invite insurance agents to connect with you in COMPARITY
  2. When a loan enters processing, we'll automatically transform it into an insurance application and send it to your connected agents for quotes
  3. We authenticate for agents who are appointed with our instant-quote partners so that, in some cases, you can get instant quotes
  4. We send you quotes as they're returned so you can validate estimates
  5. We make sure insurance documents like mortgagee clauses and proof-of-insurance are in place before they're needed
  6. We keep you and your clients informed about each loan's hazard insurance through loan closing

We can integrate with your Loan Origination System. Ask us how.

Tired of tracking down insurance documentation for your loans?

We save your clients time and money when they shop for home insurance.

Then we make sure you get necessary insurance documentation before closing deadlines.